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Cloudstream Partners are a team of data specialist who are passionate about helping people use data simply and effectively. We are believers in making data and analytics simple, and are proud partners of both Tableau Software and Alteryx, which truly help bring data to life. We have several years of analytics and business intelligence experience, and are both Tableau Qualified Associates and Alteryx Certified.

Our portfolio of clients covers healthcare, insurance, food, finance, banking, sport and more – so no matter which sector you are in or where you are in your journey towards data enlightenment, we can support you.

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Tableau Training Courses

Tableau is a simple product to learn and pick up, but some focussed training will always help to ensure a successful deployment of the tool. We are a unique Tableau Partner such that all our training courses are designed specifically for our clients.

We sit down with our clients, understand where they are in their Tableau journey and design a course to fit their needs, this will include using your data! Whether it’s on site, or at our training facilities you are guaranteed to benefit from our training sessions.






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Alteryx Training Courses

Looking to make the most of your data, but struggling with messy and disparate data sources? With our Alteryx training course you can learn how to bring all your data together, and prepare all your analytics in simple, easy to create workflows.

Like all our training, our Alteryx courses are specifically designed for you and customised to suit your company and reporting workflow.

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#DataDiscussions with Amarendranath Donthala

In this week's #DataDiscussions we had the pleasure to host Amarendranath Donthala

Amar is currently, employed at Comcast as a Data Visualization Analyst and spends his time developing creative solutions to overcome business challenges. He co-leads the Alteryx User Group at Comcast and helps organize the Philadelphia Alteryx and Tableau User Groups.

He is also the technical lead of the Millenians and Data development program.


Question 1 - What is your job/role? How Do you use Tableau as part of this?

Amarendranath DonthalaI am a Data Visualization Analyst. I work with Tableau almost everyday developing visualization based solutions for clients. 


Question 2 - If you could give one piece of advice to a new Tableau starter what would it be?

Amarendranath Donthala:  Learn one concept at a time, start with 20% of the most important concepts until you get a stronghold of fundamentals. Everything else will be easy thereafter.


Question 3 - If you could add a new feature to Tableau, what would it be?

Amarendranath Donthala: Dynamic Parameters!


Question 4 - Favourite viz you have made?

Amarendranath Donthala: Just one? Mental Health Awareness

 Mental Health Disorders by Amar Donthala [Interactive Visualisation] 

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