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My 6th (7th) Tableau Conference!


We are only a few days away from the Tableau conference on Tour in London, and the excitement is building! This will be my 6th Tableau conference in London, and 7th Tableau conference overall. I’m a great advocate of companies attending these conferences, and in all the businesses I have worked in, I have always championed for people to attend them. There are a number of posts that have been written on the benefits of attending these conferences, but for me it’s simple – it’s a great medium to share knowledge and learn.


Now, we all know about the fantastic line up of sessions that happen during Tableau’s conferences (more information on these can be found here -, and all of these are a great forum in which we can learn, but outside of these sessions is an opportunity to talk to others in a similar position to you. I would encourage you to go up to someone and introduce yourself; you never know what you may pick up from them (whether about Tableau itself or how it’s being deployed).  Take advantage of the breaks and speak to other attendees and sponsors – I guarantee you will learn at least one new thing (no matter how experienced you are!).


Cloudstream Partners


We’ve been running Cloudstream Partners  for just under 2 years now and we’ve achieved some great things as a team:


We have worked with a range of different industries – from healthcare to banking, from insurance to retail and even the theatre entertainment industry!

Trained over 400 people in Tableau Desktop and Server

Deployed Tableau in global organisations with over 5000 staff

Hired 3 additional people to make us a 5 strong team

Had the honour of being nominated as Tableau’s EMEA Alliance Partner of the Year


The journey has been great so far and we, as a team, have had great fun during this…but there’s so much more to come, and we are excited about what the future holds.


This one is going to be a special one


This year will be extra special for me, as myself and team Cloudstream are proud to be one of the sponsors of the Tableau conference. After 5 conferences, attending as a customer, and 2 attending as a Tableau Partner, we are really pleased to get this opportunity to sponsor. Our stand will be in the Marks Market (stand 5 if you’re interested, although trust me, you won’t be able to miss us!).


Our team will be on hand to answer any Tableau / Data related questions you may have, provide demos of Tableau, talk through some helpful tips and tricks (#TodaysTableauTip), and talk through our offering as a Tableau partner. We’ve worked with some great companies, providing them with the best in class consultancy, training and strategy services, and our team would love to share some of our experiences and learning with you.




For those eager social media followers, you will have already seen that our stand will be stocked with some Cloudstream swag.

Want to know what we’ll have? Come and say hi to us to find out (my wife isn’t going to allow me to take any of this back home, so please do come on down).


The team are also planning a little competition; I have left the organisation of this in the capable hands of Andrew Lang, Kyle Rowden and Rebecca Roland; I’ve heard little snapshots of what they have planned, and this will be one thing not to miss!



To Summarise…


Chris and I started up Cloudstream Partners with just 2 rules:


We will only associate ourselves with the best tools in the market, which we are thanks to Tableau.

We will only hire the best people out there, which I can proudly say we have


So, come see us at our stand at TCoT to talk all things Data and Tableau with the best team in the world!


I look forwards to meeting you all next week!!



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