With Tableau conference just around the corner and many members of team Cloudstream attending for the first time we thought we’d share what we are looking forward to about #Data17!




This will be my second Tableau Conference; my first one was the 2015 conference, and I’m really looking forward to returning to sunny Las Vegas!

2015 was the first large Tableau event I attended since starting Cloudstream Partners and I was very much in learning and listening mode.  I knew very few people in the Tableau community and knew that I needed to get more connected.


Now that we’re in 2017 it feels like I have a new family!  I can’t wait to meet up with my Tableau community friends in sunny Las Vegas as opposed to a rainy evening in London or Birmingham!!  There’s so much I still want to learn - the primary reason for attending.  Tableau and the Zen Masters, in particular, are constantly pushing the boundaries - the chance to catch up in person will be invaluable.  There are too many great sessions to pick from, but I’m following someone’s advice to pick based on speaker.  Therefore Paul Chapman’s session is a must, along with Devs on Stage.


It’s going to be a tough week!!!





Like every year there are so many session that look great, so here are a few that I shall definitely be going to and why:


  • Eye Tracking: What it teaches us about dashboard design [Andy Cotgreave @acotgreave]

    • I missed this session a TCoT London and heard some amazing things. Eye tracking and visualisation is something that is of great interest to me so looking forward to Andy Cotgreave’s talk on this

  • The information lab: Top 10 tips when teaching Tableau [Carl Allchin @Datajedininja]

    • I’ve known Carl for a few years now, and had the pleasure of working with him on a project our two companies won together too. He knows his stuff and is a very experienced trainer - so looking forward to any tips and tricks I can gather from this

  • UBS: Our Tableau centre of excellence: Managing and enterprise deployment of Tableau [Paul Banoub @paulbanoub]

    • Paul and I’s journey into the wonderful world of Tableau started roughly at the same time. We actually met back in 2012 on a Tableau training course being run by Tom Brown, and have since stayed in touch. He’s a great speaker and has (in my view) one of the best deployments of Tableau in the world - this is a must see session

  • Tableau speed tipping rematch [Andy Kreibel @VizWizBI and  Jeffrey Shaffer @HighVizAbility]

    • Two zen-masters up against each other in this speed battle - do I need to say more





This is a common problem with the tableau conference but, with so many things to do at the conference it's hard to know where to begin, but I think i'm going to focus on a couple of areas, The developer and the ‘enablement & adoption’ tracks look particularly useful. There are a couple of specific things I would be looking for as well, There are sessions on cubes, a data type I have not yet tangled with and coupled be useful in the future. The hands on session ‘Ice, Ice, Baby: Cubes, Tableau, and OLAP data’ which is a hands on session which i have found useful in some of the past London Conferences.


I’m also really keen to work more with the javascriptAPI in the future so I’m also going to try and get in on the ‘Hello JavaScript’ Session. Finally the Keynotes at tableau conference are always excellent, last year's London conference had Prof Brian Cox, and this year they have an equally star-studded lineup for Vegas.







I can’t wait for my first ever Tableau Conference as an attendee this year, i was lucky enough to attend the London Conference this year as a partner sponsor and it was a really great experience meeting so many like minded Data Whizzes, so i can’t even imagine what this is going to be like in Vegas.


As the youngest member of Team Cloudstream i’m especially looking forwards to dragging the rest of the team around the conference venue and the vegas strip! I know they’re all looking forward to spending a 10hr flight sat next to an excitable 24 year old!!!


There are so many sessions to choose from in Vegas this year - so many i don’t even think ive got through the complete list yet! But here are a few of my top picks:


  • Keynote: Adam Savage -

I’m a huge fan of Adam Savage and the Mythbusters TV show, so for me this is a must see it’s sure to be entertaining even if i’m not really sure what to expect.


  • Devs on Stage -

Last year i watched this live online after returning from my induction day having just joined Cloudstream (woop!). During this session the Tableau Developers run through and demo a host of new features coming up over the next few releases. It struck me whilst watching how much fun everyone seemed to be having, from the developers to the audience and i can’t wait to experience the atmosphere for myself.


  • The big session of the big book of dashboards - Andy Cotgreave, Jeffrey Shaffer, Steve Wexler


How many data viz experts can they cram into one session!? I’ve heard a lot of great things about this book (despite not having read it yet! sorry!!) I’m looking forward to learning some great tips and tricks on what makes great dashboards. If nothing else it’s worth going  just to see what kind of strange colourful shoes Andy is wearing….


If haven’t already check out Andy at @acotgreave and his website gravyanecdote.com, Jeffrey @HighVizAbility and dataplusscience.com and finally Steve @VizBizWiz and datarevelations.com.


  • Iron Viz

Do i really need to explain why? Iron Viz in London was incredible to watch and i can’t wait to see the final! - maybe i’ll be there next year?

  • Your vibe attracts your tribe: The Data Duo -

If you haven’t heard of the Data Duo yet why not?! Pooja and Adam churn out some incredible work over on twitter and tableau public. This session looks great as I really want to become  more active member of the Tableau community so it’ll be great to see how the Data Duo have utilised the community to help build their skills. You can find the data duo at thedataduo.com and over on twitter @DrexelPooja and @acrahen

There’s so many more sessions i’d love to highlight and i’m sure the sessions run by any of the Zen masters or ‘big hitters’ in the community such as Andy Kriebel (of vizwiz.com fame @VizWizBI), Paul Chapman (@cheeky_chappie and thatdatavizguy.com) etc will also be extremely worthwhile.

Sessions aside, i’m really looking forward to meeting some US members of the Tableau community, it’s not often everyone gets to come together in the same place.


Oh and the swag, don’t forget the swag. Swag at Tableau conferences is always on fire so im fully intending to snatch enough t-shirts notepads and pens to last me (and probably my whole family) a lifetime!


That’s all from me - if you see me in a session ( or more than likely looking extremely lost!) don’t forget to say hi , all of us at Team Cloudstream love a good selfie!







I’m definitely looking forward to attending the Tableau conference in Vegas this year for a so many reasons. There are a lot of sessions, (some might say too many) to choose from and so little time. So i have gone with my tried and tested method of choosing 'those sessions that offer hands on training, as I find that I can get a lot more out of these on the day. All the other sessions you can catch up with the videos that they send out after - it’s hard enough because you just want to attend everything.


The eye-tracking seminars are of such a great interest but I figure I would use the time to learn LOD calcs in depth so swapped them out. Alteryx: The Thrill of Solving FirstHand: Hands on Analytics Lab. I’d like to attend all the keynotes and it goes without saying the IronViz championships, they're always a highlight of the conference, full of energy and some great vizzes. Some of the sessions I got to attend at the London conference so I will skip them this time round and try something new.


As with all tableau events the biggest highlight of the conference will be meeting all the faces from the Tableau community, it feels like we’ve all known each other for ages but we never get to meet. I love America, it's like a second home for me, and i’m definitely looking forward to eating as much american food as I can. Who said anything about a conference?



So that's what we’re all looking forward to, of course even with five of us we won't be able to see, or even know about, everything that's going on. So if you spot a session that we might like let us know! If you're going to conference message us below or @cloudstream_uk we’d love to hear from you!



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