Time to Talk: Tableau Server and Online 10.4


There are a load of improvements for collaboration with the new tableau 10.4 server. These are all aimed to help you build a culture of visual analytics within your organisation. Some a perhaps less helpful than others but as time goes on we can definitely expect plenty of advancements in this area as Tableau positions its products more and more towards the organisation as well as the individual. In this post, we will look at some of the new Server and Online improvements.


Web authoring Improvements.

There have been a whole number of web authoring improvements, allowing you to edit the content of things like text OBJECT, axies, filters, and Alias’. This will make those quick changes to published dashboards easier and quicker rather than having to go into desktop to  correct the inevitable spelling mistake or messed up axis range.


Editing a text object;


Data Source Certification.

An important step in creating a confident culture of visual analytics certified datasources will give your users increased confidence that the data they are working with is correct and valid for analysis.


To certify a datasource you need to be a project administrator or above to certify a datasource. (Project Leaders can only certify datasources within their projects).


Navigate to the data source page, in the details tab, if you have permissions you can change the certification status of the datasource

You can then add a note to the datasource and certify it.


Certified datasources will now have a badge to indicate that they have been certified.

Hovering over the badge will give you more information on the certification.



10.4 brings a major improvement to the tableau comments system, allowing you to embed snapshots of the view into your discussions so that your colleagues can see what your seeing.


You can select your filters

And embed a snapshot of the view.


Then you (or anyone else) can go back to that view and see what you saw!


Online only: Data Driven alerts.

Finally! It's been a little while (we assume there were some server-load issues to work out) but data driven alerts have finally made it into Tableau Online. This dramatically increases the utility of tableau online for the business. You can now set alert thresholds on views and receive emails when a view goes above or below that threshold, giving you the ability to react quicker to changes in your business.



Other Enterprise Level Improvements

These are less improvements that the user will really see but important upgrades for the enterprise, a couple of highlights:

- Forward compatibility. You can now publish workbooks from a version of tableau desktop that is mismatched from your server version (this goes back to 10.2)

- Accessibility Improvements. As part of the drive to ensure the most number of people can benefit from the analytical power of tableau there are improvements to the way tableau works with screen readers, particularly in the form of drop down filters.


So that's just a quick overview of the new features available for tableau Online and Server in 10.4 Do you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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