My favourite picture from the conference – what a great team!


Keynote - Key points:

The Tableau conference keynote had a feeling of some sort of rock concert that you would go to…. 15,000 people in a jam-packed arena passionate about data, Tableau and the community. We managed to get near the front few rows, which was great as we got to catch up with lots of people from the community who we have never met, and only spoken to on Twitter.

·      All the execs of Tableau began by coming onto stage for a moment of silence for the victims of the Vegas shooting, all 15000 people joined in to honour those who got affected by this

·      Adam Selipsky kicked off the keynote with a “busting data myths” theme

·      He spoke through the myths around data governance, and how Tableau supports good governance NOT the other way around. Things like certified data sources in Tableau Server are helping organisations create the balance between user enablement and good governance



·      Adam also busted the myth around “one data source / one single version of the truth”. The landscape is changing, and the amount of data companies hold is growing at a ridiculous pace, waiting 12/ 18 months for the “perfect, single version of the truth” (which will never happen) is now no longer acceptable by consumers of this data (and shouldn’t be). This is something we are also seeing a pattern on with a lot of our clients. The message here was that “We live in a world of many” and so we shouldn’t let a single data source hold us back.

·      Francois then came onto stage to do his bit around Tableau Product development and what we have to look forward to in upcoming releases. If you have never seen Francois speak, you are truly missing out; after 7 years in Tableau, his passion and excitement for the tool is ever increasing and this really comes out in the way he presents. So what do we have to look forward to:

o   “Hyper Hyper” – a TDE versus Hyper rumble – and Hyper was significantly quicker – I mean half creating view based on half a billion rows in less than a second – wow wow wow!! The “Hyper Hyper” sound track was incredibly addictive too – I must try and find that

o   Project Maestro – Data preparation is often the hardest thing for organisations (approx. 80% of user time is spent on prep); especially business users. Tableau is Tableau-fying the data preparation market with simple drag and drop features to bring data together; in my view, this going to by an absolute game changer in this space. Unions, Joins, Fuzzy Matching and fixing data in Tableau (yes Tableau!) is all we have to look forward too

o   Extension APIs – I won’t say much on this but look out for Andrew Lang’s post on this coming up soon.

·      Many more features were shown as part of Devs On Stage (easily one of my most favourite sessions) – I will try and delve into these features and do a write up on these features in the coming days

Other than the keynotes, which are always great at the Tableau conferences; some of the sessions that I attended during the conference included:

·      Tableau Speed Tipping Re-match

o   I wasn’t at Austin last year to see this, so was keen to see two guys that I follow in the community a lot Andy Kriebel and Jeff Shaffer battle it out.

o   I also had a personal motive, next week I will be facing Zen Chris Love at the Midlands TUG it a battle of Tableau Tips, so will be certainly using this session to help me prep (thanks in advance Andy / Jeff)

·      UBS – Tableau CoE

o   I’ve seen Paul speak a few times, and he is always such an engaging speaker.

o   Paul has done a fantastic job with deploying Tableau to 10,000 users globally with a team of 3/4 people, and it’s great to hear about his experiences with this deployment – a must watch session if you haven’t seen already

·      Welcome Trust – Beyond Drag and Drop

o   I spoke to Matt at the conference about this session, and how I found the style of it so useful for training users in Tableau’s calculations

o   All I would say is that Cloudstream Partners train hundreds of users in Tableau, and I am now looking at changing up the way we train users in Tableau calculations as a result of this session – thank you Matt!

·      Vizzing with Joe

o   What can an 8 year old teach you about visualising data with Tableau? The answer is a lot!

o   Rob demonstrated how is boy, Joe got started with Tableau, and how he used #MakeoverMonday to practice visualising data. I had two key take points I took away from this talk was: (1) Be fearless when creating visualisations; Joe drags and drops multiple times and uses trial and error to find the right viz…he doesn’t worry about finding the right viz straight away, and that’s something we all can do: (2) What a passionate speaker Rob actually is – he is one of the most engaging speakers that I have heard in a long time, and this is certainly something I will work on doing in my talks in the future.

 Finally, I had the pleasure of joining Emily Kund and Matt Francis on the Tableau Wannabe Podcast to interview one of the Devs from Devs on Stage – Kent Marten. Check out the podcast here -

·        What was super clear from the Devs on Stage Keynote, and especially this interview was how passionate these guys are about what they do, and how driven they are on making the user experience as seamless as possible.



See you in New Orleans in for #TC18 (not #Data18)

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