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Waseem Ali


So whilst waiting for my flight to New York to take off, I thought I would have a little play with 10.5. And of course – I wanted to try Viz In Tooltips.  So I thought I'd pull together this short guide showing you how to create them in Tableau. Hope it’s useful.

So firstly, for those that don’t know, a Tooltip is the popup box you get when you hover over a particular point in your visualisation. Something like the below:



The pop up text box that says Region: East, Sub-Category: Chairs, etc is our tooltip.


We can customise these Tootltips in Tableau to show any dimension or measure in our dataset. For example, if I wanted to show my Profit as part of this tooltip too (but I don’t want to see this in the actual visualisation), I simply drag and drop my Profit measure into the Marks Card within the ToolTips shelf – like this:


Notice how by doing this, my actual visualisation hasn’t changed.



However, when I now hover over any of the points in my view, my tooltip shows this:



Ta-dah – it now has profits in it.


You can always click on the Toolip shelf itself, to further format your tooltips – this icon –


Okay, now to actually having a Viz in a Tooltip.


So say I wanted to see a view similar to the one below every time I hover over a point in my original view.



Now this is surprisingly easy to do, as follows:


1. Click on the ToolTips shelf. You will get something that looks like this that appears



2. For the purposes of this example, I’m going to delete the text.

3. Click on Insert on the top right

4. Click on Sheets

5. And then Select the sheet you want to see in the ToolTip


6. And you are done, hit okay and test out your new VizInToolTip



Hope you found this post useful. Enjoy Vizzing (In Tooltips)


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