The little marks card not the left hand side in the developers suit for Tableau is quite a powerful card. We love the multiple different options it gives you on a basic level, this card allows you to enhance your vizzes straight away with colours, size and formats of text by dragging fields to control each mark type. After an item has been dragged on to the marks card it will appear in a list towards the bottom with an icon next to it. We would be lost without it. Here is our brief overview of the marks card and a whole Christmas countdown dat dedicated to it. 




Automatic drop down - here this allows you to change your charts and graphs slightly further than the 'Show Me' part of Tableau. 

For example, the Marks card below has three fields. Segment is on colour, Region is on shape and Quantity on size. 





Working our way Left to Right we start off with the colour option. This allows you to do what it says, change the colour of your chats and graphs from different individual colours or to a diverging set. Thirdly we have size option, now this lets you alter the size of your bars for instance or circles if making a bubble chart - this can be powerful when making maps or lollipops charts. In Forth place we have the Label option, where all your formatting issues are kind of taken away. Here you are able to edit the text shape, colour, font, size etc for the information that is populated in the viz. Coming up in 5th place is the detail option which can give you that added detail function to your vizzes, you can duplicate measures and put a table calculation on the second. Therefor you can have the total of something alongside the % - clever basics. In no where near as last place is the tooltip option - here we can drag fields on to it which will populate and become useful in the actually tooltip itself. We know you have shape and path that come on as a sneaky 7th, but that depends on what is selected in the first place. 

Have fun exploring those options and playing with different metrics. 

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