Our 10 (and a half) favourite new features for 10.5

Andrew Lang


Tableau 10.5 has been highly anticipated for months, ever since the conference, and now its finally here we get to gush about all the new features, but to give this a bit of structure were going to pick our 10 (and a half) favourite features from 10.5


  1. Hyper

The big new feature, and the one you’ll see talked about the most is hyper, this new in memory engine replaces the old tableau data extracts and speeds everything data related.


Looking to take advantage of the new hyper speeds you can upgrade a data extract by simply right-clicking on the data source and selecting; extract, and upgrade.



Even on smaller datasets the file is smaller and more optimised, and we really cant wait to run it through its paces on larger datasets!



  1. Nested Projects on Server

One that we’ve been waiting for the ability to next projects on server gives tableau server greater flexibility and granularity of organisation.


It couldn't be easier to organise your workbooks, within the project you want to add a project to you can now find a new tab for projects within projects:



And as you would find at the site level you have a new project button to add your project.


You can now move projects into and out of other projects simply tick the project (or projects) that you want to move, and select move from the actions drop-down.


You will them be given permission to move it to any project you have permissions for

  1. Web authoring improvements

There have been even more improvements to web authoring including better text item formatting;



There have also been improvements to axis editing on web, to access the Edit Axis window simply double-click on the axis:

  1. Viz in Tooltips

Another big ticket improvement a new way of embedding information into views that can help supplement exploratory analysis.

Adding them is a pretty simple process;

First build the view that you want to add to the dashboard


Once you have your tooltip chart you can add it to the sheet in the tooltip editor simply Insert and select Sheets




We are really interested to see what people do with this now it's out in the wild.


  1. Tableau bridge tune-up

These next couple are for the server admins, the first is a suite of enhancements to tableau bridge the server tool that allows tableau online to securely access on-premise data. The improvements in 10.5 are to make bridge easier to use and more reliable, a real boon for those instances where it is critical.


  1. Linux

Another one for the admins, tableau now runs on Linux servers.


  1. Save to older versions

This one makes working between versions much easier, you can now save to an older version, all the way back to version 10.2


  1. Viz annotations on mobile

We're always happy to hear of improvements to tableau mobile and this one is going to make collaboration using the mobile app a fantastic experience.


  1. Subscription improvements

Another vital little upgrade, this one focuses on improving the already vital tableau subscriptions



  1. Trendline and Mapping Improvements

There are as always improvements to analytics tools, and these are always welcome additions to the cannon of tableau tools.


(And a Half). Data Connectors

There are always new data connectors for tableau and while we may not find ourselves using them right away we are always glad they exist when we come to need them.


So that's our favourite 10.5 features. All-in-all, a great update with so many highly anticipated upgrades and improvements, and we can't wait to see what's to come in the future.

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