Your First Views in Tableau Online

Waseem Ali


So you have been given access to Tableau Online t work– your IT / Data Department have told you, ‘You have self-serve data analysis capabilities’, they have published ‘verified’ data sources on Tableau Online for you to play with. – So – how do you get started. This is a simple post to walk you through the process of connecting to a Tableau Data Source that has been published online (using Tableau Online itself) and then creating some analysis (i.e. self-serving!)


  1. Firstly log onto Tableau Online

  2. Depending on what you homepage is set to, on your main Project Page, you should see the following:

  1. Click on “Data Sources” – here you will find all the Data Sources that have been published to Tableau Online (note at this point, only people that have Tableau Desktop can do this)

  2. Select the “…” on the Data source you want, I’m going to select ‘Sample – EU Superstore”


  1. Go to New Workbook

  1. That opens a ‘developer’ view for you

  2. And from here you can drag and drop dimensions / measures to create some analysis, Like this:


Or like this:



You can even put them into a Dashboard, like this:



  1. Once you have done the analysis you want, and want to save it, simply click on File (in the menu bar) – Save A, and you can Save your workbook


And that’s it – you have created your first Dashboard on Tableau Online. Hope you found this post useful. Have fun!

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