Automatic Dashboard Phone Layouts in Tableau 2019.1

Wadzanai Mhondoro

Device designer is a feature that lets you create device-specific dashboards and has been available since Tableau 10. However, it was very time-consuming because in order to use it you had to adjust all your sheets and dashboard objects manually.

Therefore, a  feature that has been missing from Tableau is the ability to generate these device-specific dashboards automatically for phones. The wait is now over as the 2019.1 release comes with a feature to help creators generate phone dashboards automatically. This feature works for both desktop and web authoring!


When a new dashboard is created, an automatic Phone Layout is also generated. The Phone Layout automatically updates as changes are made to the default dashboard. This is a good starting point for building customized Phone layouts. 


A comparison between the 2018.3 and 2019.1 release shows a feature that now allows you to  ‘Use automatic layout’ or ‘Edit layout myself’ that wasn’t available in earlier releases.

When you have created your dashboard and are ready to make final edits for the Phone layout, you can click “Edit layout myself” to carry on from where the automatic layout generation left off.

When ‘Use automatic layout’ mode is in use, the side panel and Phone layout are greyed out showing that it is in auto mode and cannot be edited. However, ‘Edit layout myself’ mode, allows the user to customize the layout to how they want and the Phone layout is interactive.


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