Exporting Tableau Dashboards to Microsoft PowerPoint

Chris Dunigan


What is the most common request we get after building Tableau dashboards?  “That’s a great dashboard - can we get that in PowerPoint now?”  No matter how hard you try to explain that Tableau is the best interactive tool on the market and that all of your staff have access to these reports online through either Tableau Online or Tableau Server - there are still some people who demand their data in PowerPoint presentations.

Up to now getting visualisations or dashboards from Tableau into PowerPoint has been a bit tedious and time-consuming.  Well, no longer. In Tableau Desktop (as well as Tableau Online and Tableau Server) anyone - dashboard creators or dashboard viewers - will be able to download dashboards and visualisations directly to PowerPoint.

How to export to PowerPoint from Tableau Online or Tableau Server

When you’re viewing a Tableau dashboard in either Tableau Online or Tableau Server simply click on “Download” button…

then click on “PowerPoint”.

Tableau will create static images of all tabs in the workbook and export them directly into PowerPoint.  Once this is done - it’s pretty much instantaneously - a pop-up will be displayed allowing you to download the newly created PowerPoint file. 

The PowerPoint file will consist of a title slide, followed by one slide per worksheet in the Tableau workbook. So, in the case of my flight's dashboard - I get a title page and two slides with Tableau content.

The title slide contains the name of the workbook followed by the date and time the Powerpoint file was created.

How to export to PowerPoint from Tableau Desktop

When you have Tableau Desktop open simply click on File → Export As PowerPoint.

You’ll get exactly the same result as you would had you downloaded from Tableau Online / Tableau Server.

Additional Formatting options

Tableau Desktop now contains an additional dashboard sizing option to specifically accommodate exporting to PowerPoint.  Your dashboards can be sized to 1600px by 900px. This is particularly useful if you have a specific report that always needs to be exported to PowerPoint - for example, meeting slides.

Further Observations

This may sound obvious, but any and all interactive features of your dashboard, be that filters or actions, will be unavailable in the PowerPoint file.  This may mean you need to create a separate “PowerPoint-friendly” version of a workbook with multiple versions of the dashboard, each filtered individually as required.

If you are trying to download multiple worksheets or dashboards from Tableau Online / Tableau Server you need to make sure that your workbook has been published with the option “Show Sheets as Tabs” selected.  

Otherwise, you’ll need to export your content one-by-one, which will result in a number of PowerPoint files. Your Tableau publishers may need to make this amendment to the published dashboard by re-publishing the dashboards.

If you can see tabs in your workbook (see example below) then when you export to PowerPoint all views or dashboards will be included in the PowerPoint file.

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