Forgotten Features, Clear Sheet

In this series of articles, we’re going to take quick looks at some of the features of Tableau that exist, but don't get talked about all that often. The first forgotten feature we’re taking a look at is the clear sheet button.




Where is it?

The clear sheet button can be found in the toolbar at the top of the tableau desktop window:



The clear sheet feature is also available in tableau online and server web edit, and likewise can be found in the toolbar:




What does it do?

The Clear sheet button, at its most basic, clears an entire sheet of everything so it can take a view from this:



To this:



But more than just providing a way to make a view pleasingly zen there are some more nuanced options for clearing the sheet, using the dropdown to the right of the button we have a number of different options to remove and clear different things from our view:



The top option is the default, to remove everything and produce the clean and clear blank sheet we saw a moment ago, but the following options are useful if you’ve gotten into some specific muddles.

The two that I have found most useful is the clear filter, and clear manual sizing, the first I find myself using during some exploratory analysis to remove all filters and return to an unfiltered view of the data, this will remove both sheet filters, multi-worksheet filters and filters applied across the data source:


Clearing manual sizing (and the related option to clear axis ranges) have been useful when the table I’ve created has gone a bit wrong in development but as above you don't necessarily want to lose all of the analysis that you have performed.



The clear sheet button then is your ‘get out of jail free’ card and can help you undo mistakes or get out of a muddle either in your analysis or in your presentation, and is a very useful little feature.


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