Top 10 Takeaways from Tableau Conference Europe 2019



Top 10 things I learned from my Tableau Conference Europe experience:


Attending this year’s Tableau Conference is now added as one of the coolest experiences to my 2019 career agenda. Gaining knowledge faster, getting some inspiration, expanding your network and feeling cooler on Instagram...- it’s all part of the ride! But rather than being sporadic and splurge my words into a pro-longed text, here’s a list of my top 10 Tableau Conference moments.

 1. Whichever location Tableau is set to happen, research it first. Knowing a few things more about the place you’re about to visit can help reduce last minute stress, answer your “where to eat” question and add more minutes to your morning routine (sleep).


2.     Be the first to get the insight- keynotes are there to welcome you in the best way possible. It helps that they’re also made of eloquent, well-prepared people who are keen on dropping the first hint of information about what’s coming over soon. Good news? You’re the first to know. Bad news: you probably have to wait for the latest version’s release along with a couple thousands more people.


3.     Pre-register for the sessions as they tend to be fully booked in no time. And then be merry, Tableau’s style ; we all know that means eating, drinking and trying on new traditional food during break time.


4.     Visit your doctor if you have to: I registered for a one-to-one session with a Tableau Doctor with emphasis on best dashboard practices. Everything you need to know from data clutter, color coding, filter usage and more can be answered in just a couple of minutes... a cure to your data-ailments is now found.


5.      Learn something new, meet someone new. With plenty of useful sessions, I’ll admit my favorite one was Viz in Tooltip. The presenting duo made a great job at showing how that functionality of Tableau makes any design interactive and much more interesting. On top of that, a member of the audience took the courage and added a live demo at the end (whoever you are, thank you). We’ll be talking separately about the whole experience, in a different blog, stay tuned!


6.     Gain a new skill in 2 days: this year I attended “Unlock New Sources with Tableau Web Data Connectors”. Although no previous knowledge was required,building, debugging and sharing a simple connector using Javascript can sound challenging at first. If you pay close attention to the speaker, you’ll then be able to unlock new sources of data and gain more insights on Tableau Desktop. While you just registered for a session you might be unfamiliar with, you’ll be happy for the mind stretch.


7.      Get it in writing.You probably know this already, but remember what you learn by taking notes. Whether it’s via Iphone/Ipad notes, notebooks or recording devices saving your information can later help with building together a bigger picture as you attend more sessions.


8.     Tableau Blueprint is also one of the best things of this year’s conference.  I’ll be writing about this more in a future blog post - keep an eye out for that!(more info coming up here)


9.     Connect with the speakers. Leave your smartphone on the side for a second and have a conversation with the people present. You can easily learn about someone’s Tableau journey and add it to your list of experience. Speaking to companies, gave me the chance to differ how various organisations across different countries are becoming more data-driven with Tableau.


10.  Iron Viz is the new Eurovision. Cheerful crowd, slightly stressed people to bring their best viz forward and an audience full of applauses, was as unique as it sounds. Seeing people build beautifully-designed dashboards in no time while waiting for judges’ opinion  is thrilling. But don’t worry, unlike Eurovision, the public does indeed decide here.



Lastly, you might have missed out on the experience, but Tableau’s already taken care of all the resources to help you relive it at the comfort of your own home: just click on the link and happy Youtube-ing!



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