Relative Date Filters

Previously I’ve looked at a very specific relative date problem, one which Tableaus excellent relative date filter struggled with, now I’m going to look at a perfect case where the built in relative date filter can be shown off to its fullest.

Using a relative date filter is relatively simple. When you drag your date field into the filters shelf you are given a couple of options.

The default is to filter on a range of dates, but just above this option in the list is the relative date option.

Here you are presented with a range of options on how you would like to manage your relative dates you can select the period you would like to show and you can set the date which you would like to use as the anchor.

The window can be divided into four prats, the top section has the date filter options where we have selected relative date, there are other options for date ranges up here.

The second section looks at the type of relative date you want to use. Do you want to look at years, quaters, months, or days?

The third section gives you the options for the relative nature of the filter, either the previous, current or next period relative to the anchor, or a specific number of periods relative to the anchor.

Finally there is the section where you can set the anchor, the default for this is todays date. However any date can be selected. In this filter the anchor must either be a fixed date or todays date, it cannot be set from a parameter, and to edit this anchor date requires going into the filter on the worksheet to edit the date.

The relative date filter is incredibly powerful, especially as it can be added to a dashboard as a quick filter and then applied to all sheets using the same data source.

I hope you have found #TodaysTableauTip instructive, as always we appreciate any comments or questions you might have.


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