Embedding YouTube Videos into Tableau Dashboards

Ever wondered how to embed a YouTube Video in Tableau? It’s actually a simple process and this blog post will talk you through how.

The use case; Sometimes it’s just a 'cool' thing to do to embed a youtube video into your viz, especially if the viz you are creating is around music (as an example). I, more tend to encourage clients to use videos as a method of training their end users on using the reports (I find this is a great way to help with engagement with your key stakeholders too).

Okay so how to actually do it? Lets say we have the following dashboard and want to embed a YouTube video in the bottom panel:

First of all, find the YouTube video you want to embed, I’m going to choose the below one (well only because I’m in it :))

Underneath the video, you will see a “Share” button, click it, and then click on “Embed”. You will see something like this come up:

Now from the code, copy the part which is within the double quotes starting with https://. For the above code, it is this part:


Next, go back to your tableau dashboard, and drag and drop the Web Page icon into the bottom panel:

In the Edit URL pop up box, paste in the embedded url code you copied previously.

And you’re done. Click OK, wait a few seconds and you will see the video pop up in your dashboard.


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