Creating Calculations Within Tableau Pills

So, as a Tableau user, we all know that we can create custom calculations by right clicking on the dimensions or measures shelves and going to “Create” > “Calculated Field”.  This new calculation will then get saved as your Measure or Dimension

But did you know, you could also create calculation within your visualisation shelves whilst creating a view. Let me show you what I mean:

Consider the following visualisation, a simple table in Tableau:

Now, say I wanted to change the Sum of Profit and create a Profit Ratio calculation (i.e. Sum of Profit divided by Sum of Sales). I can actually do this within the shelf so I don’t need to create a separate calculation for this). To do this, simply double click into the green Profit pill on the Columns Shelf, and you will see the following:

A text cursor has appeared, allowing you to type your calculation into the box. So now, type the following into the pill for our Profit Ratio Calculation:

And then press enter on your keyboard. Our view has now changed to show our profit ratio:

And that’s it, a really simple but handy tip for you guys today. Stay tuned for more.

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