Embedding Views onto Webpages

One of the many great things about tableau viz's is that you can embed them into your own webpages. In #TodaysTableauTip we will explore how we can embed tableau public vizzes onto a website.

The first step in embedding vizzes from tableau public is getting the embed code, this can be found at the bottom of a tableau public viz in the sharing options. Copy this code onto the clipboard.

The embed code

There are a couple of common ways you can use this embed code, if you have access to the html of your website or a HTML editor in your websites content management system (CMS) you can simply past the code there and your good to go.

Using the embed code on the HTML for a web page

The output

If you use a graphical front end on a service like squarespace you will need to check how these kinds of services allow embedding, for example in squarespace their is an 'code' object that can be added to a blog post, here you can just past the embed code and it will be added to your blog post.

The 'Code' block in Squarespace used for embedding

Using the embed code in squarespace

This process for embedding will of course vary between services but most services allow some form of javascript embedding.

Hope you have found #TodaysTableauTip useful; follow @cloudstream_uk for daily tips and more.

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