Teaching Tableau Server - Part Six

In this instalment of Teaching Tableau Server we're going to go through how to add users to sites.

As a server administrator there are four ways to add users to a Site:

  • Creating a local user account
  • Adding a user from Active Directory
  • Adding a group of users from an Active Directory Group
  • Adding multiple users through a CSV file upload

As we've already learned, a server administrator can grant user creation right to a Site Administrator.


Adding local user accounts

If your Tableau Server is set to local authentication mode (as opposed to Active Directory authentication) the  adding users is done through the "Add Users" button in the "Users" page.

We can then enter the users account details

All is fairly self-explanatory.

Note: we'll cover Site Roles in a later lesson.



The process is very similar when adding Active Directory Users and Groups - however the UI is slightly different because the option to add local users is not available.

from here we can add users by entering their usernames separating multiple users with semi-colons.

Next time

You'll have noticed the Site Role option when adding users.  Next time we'll go through the options available and the differences between the roles.

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