Teaching Tableau Server - Part Seven

Every user added to Tableau Server must have an associated site role.  This is assigned by the administrator and it determines the levels of permission allowed for a user, including whether they can publish, interact with, or only view content published to the server.

The diagram blow gives a high-level summary of the actions available to each of the site role types:


Users given the following site role can publish content:

  • Server Administrator
    • The server administrator can access all server features and settings on the server and all sites. Server administrators can create sites, add users of any site role type, control whether site administrators can add users, create additional server administrators, and they can administer the server itself. This includes handling maintenance, settings, schedules, and the search index.
    • Server administrators can perform operations on all content anywhere on the server, regardless of what permissions have been assigned to the content. Server administrators can also manage other users on the server.
  • Site Administrator
    • Site administrators can manage groups, projects, workbooks, and data connections. By default, site administrators can also add users and assign site roles and site membership. This setting can be enabled or disabled by the server administrator.
    • Site administrators have unrestricted access to content on a specific site.  A user can be specified as a site administrator on multiple sites.
  • Publisher
    • Publishers can sign in, browse the server, and interact with the published views.  They can also connect to Tableau Server from Tableau Desktop in order to publish workbooks and data sources.
    • Publishers can publish workbooks and data sources to the server.  Publishers aren't allowed to manage other users.
  • Viewer (can publish)
    • The user can connect to Tableau Server from Tableau Desktop to publish and download workbooks and data sources, but cannot interact with content on the server.
  • Unlicensed (can publish)
    • This user cannot sign in to Tableau Server, but can connect to the server from Tableau Desktop to publish workbooks to the server.


Users given the following site role can only view published content:

  • Interactor
    • Interactors can sign in, browse the server, and interact with the published views. It's important to note that specific views, workbooks, and projects may have been published with permissions that restrict a user's capabilities. Permission settings can be edited by the workbook author or an administrator.
    • Interactors can view workbooks and can interact with views. They are not allowed to publish to the server.
  • Viewer
    • Viewers can sign in and see published views on the server but cannot interact with the views.  Users with this site role can only be given permission to view, add comments, and view comments.  They cannot interact with the filters in the view or sort data in a view.
  • Unlicensed
    • Unlicensed users cannot sign in to the server.  When you import server users from a CSV file, all are assigned a site role of Unlicensed.

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