Splitting Fields

In todays tableau tip we will look at performing splits on fields, splits allow users to take one column and turn it into multiple columns For this we will use the following data based off the eu-superstore dataset:

Looking at the Order ID Column we can see that it has several components, a two letter code, possibly a country code, a year, and a numeric ID, one thing we would be keen on knowing is how sales break down by country so we need to split out country from the rest of the order ID.

After binging the data into tableau selecting transform from the order ID pill menu we can see two options for the split either the automatic split or a custom split.

For this we are going to use a custom split to make sure we get what we need.

The split menu allows us to specify the separator and the number of columns we want to split off., we want the first column with a '-' separator.

Once The split is performed we have a new dimension "Order ID-Split 1" which now has the country code.

With this we can now rename it and use it as we would any calculated field.

Hope you have found #TodaysTableauTip useful stay tuned for more from @cloudstream_uk on twitter.

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