Bar In Bar Charts

Bar in Bar Charts are a great way to compare a measure against a goal or display two measures against one another. Building a bar chart in Tableau is not terribly difficult and I will take you through this step by step.

We will use Tableau’s sample Coffee Chain dataset to demonstrate this. Let’s say we want to compare my Budget Sales versus my Actual Sales by Market.

1.     Drag and drop Market to the columns shelf and Budget Sales to the rows shelf

2.     Now drag the Actual Sales measure and drop it over the vertical, budget sales axis (as you can see from the picture below)

3.  You should end up with something that looks like this:

4.     Drag and drop the Measure Names from the Columns Shelf to the Colours shelf and you will end up with a stacked bar chart.

5.  Go to Analysis in the Toolbar; go to Stack Marks and click Off

6.   ou now have two bars overlapping (not stacked). Now drag and drop (from the dimensions pane) the field Measure Names into the size shelf (within the Marks Card)

And you're done. You can apply some formatting to the above in terms of size and colour to add a bit more to the chart. Hope you found #TodaysTableauTip useful. Follow us on our social media pages for more.

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