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Has anyone ever used the Bookmark functionality in Tableau? Does anyone even know what it is? Well I certainly didn’t until recently, so thought it would be helpful to share with the Tableau Community.

Is there ever a single worksheet that you have created in Tableau that you need to access frequently in multiple workbooks? If yes, then every time you need to access it, you either:

·      Have to reconnect to the Data Source and re-create the worksheet

·      Open the workbook the original worksheet was created in and copy it from there to the new workbook

Although the above is absolutely fine to do, Tableau has made it slightly easier for us through Bookmarks.

A bookmark in Tableau allows you to save a single worksheet in the Tableau Repository Folder, which you can access through your Tableau workbook. They are great when you need to access a particular worksheet frequently.

So let’s see this in action. Let's consider the following worksheet that I wish to bookmark:

Go to Window on the top toolbar > Click Bookmark > Click Create Bookmark

By default, this will save in your Tableau Repository folder under Bookmarks (you can change the location of where this is stored, but it won’t appear within your Bookmarks menu if you do this). This worksheet will save as a .tbm file.

I’ve now saved my worksheet as “Hirerachy.tbm”. And that's it.

You will now notice, that when you open up any new Tableau workbook that you can go to Window (in the toolbar) > Bookmarks, and within there you will see your previously created one called "Hierarchy".

By clicking on it, Tableau will open up the worksheet you created, including any formatting and data connections and you’re good to go!

If you have multiple bookmarks, you can arrange these into folders, etc, just as you would do with your documents.

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