Our 10 Favourite Upcoming Tableau Features.


So there were so many new Tableau features announced this year at the Austin conference, and even though we couldn’t make it there in person, we live streamed a lot of the sessions from our offices in sunny London. This post is focussed on some of our favorites from the Tableau Keynote and Devs on Stage session


From the keynote there are some really big and exciting new features:


1. Project Maestro

Intuitive data preparation for business users, simple live editing of data rows, particularly useful for data that isn't as clean as it could be, and potential for doing mapping from supplemental data sources. It's like the data window is on steroids.

2. Hyper and Faster Data engine (Billion row Data Sets with ease)

Major improvement to in memory data engine, streamlining the process of building and using data extracts, no more complex scheduling. With Hyper, huge datasets can be refreshed live without noticeable performance difficulties.

3. Certified Content & Data Management

A whole range of new data management features to make self service analytics much more reliable and usable. With certified data sources, data experts take ownership of their data and keep tabs on how that data is being used as well as providing metrics that users can be confident and comfortable using in any situation. But it's not all a one way street, users can now engage in much more collaborative process with data owners, with tools to allow user made calculations to be added to the certified list, and the ability to ask questions of the content owner through the new comments system. Working with data and data owners will be significantly easier and for those times you need to validate or verify with a trusted data expert, you can!


There are also big changes to the data source management screens, with datasource analytics built into the screen and even information on individual calculations and fields, data owners can maintain data sources that are fit to purpose and not overburdened with unused fields.

4. Data Driven Alerts

Long Promised now alerts driven by the data itself will be coming soon to tableau, and will help users track important figures and know that should something go wrong they will be among the first to know.

5. Linux tableau Server

Many administrators will be happy with this development, tableau server now supports linux this should reduce the cost of hosting tableau server.


Devs on Stage is always a really interesting segment in the conference, and while for the first time this year it took place separately from the keynote it was packed with smaller but no less exciting features coming out in the next few years.


6. Map Scales

One of the most requested maps features has finally been introduced, Tableau now displays relative map scales on its maps as default. Determining distances at a glance is about to get a whole lot easier!


7. Spatial File Connector

The new spatial file connector arriving in Tableau 10.2 enables Tableau to instantly connect to spatial datasets, bringing Tableaus mapping capability on a par with many specialised Geographical Information Systems.


8. Python Integration

A game changing feature for advanced analytics, direct integration with Python enables you to enter Python code directly into Tableau Calculations. No need to set up a different dataset or blend and join your data, simply create a calculated field and start working on your Python code, whilst also being able to use Tableau’s very own calculation language. This new feature will truly bring advanced analytics, traditionally reserved for organisations with large Business Intelligence Teams and budgets, to any sized organisation.

9. Filter Presets

A mainstay on the ideas forum for a number of years , tableau filters finally update with your data. Gone are the days of ‘accidentally’ excluding a new month's set of data and needing to manually select it in the filters, tableau now takes care of this for you.


10. Dashboards

Controlling the look and feel of your Tableau Reports is about to get a whole lot easier, a number of new features will enable you to add custom margins, padding (no more cramped dashboards) and borders . But the standout improvement here has to be the introduction of ‘distribute evenly’ which enables you to evenly space out all objects in a layout container without resizing each individual object saving vital time (and patience).


There were many more exciting features announced in the keynote and devs on stage, including new tools for selection and the new metrics feature on tableau server. We're really looking forward to all these new features, big and small and it’s going to be really interesting seeing these new features applied to dashboards. See you in Vegas in 2017! s:

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