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Making Max(Date) Work

Working with dates is one of those tableau things which is often easy but is sometimes infuriating, and one of those times is when dealing with finding the most recent date, the intuitive temptation is to use [Date]=max([Date]) to find the most recent date but that doesn't work as date is a dimension and max date is an aggregate so you are forced to use attr([Date])=Max([Date]).

Attr(DATE)=max(DATE) doesn't work because for each row in the data the max date is in that row, so we need to make it ignore the rows and look for the max date in the column, and the solution to use a level of detail.

DATE={ max(Date) } this isn’t a proper fully formed level of detail calculation but it essentially says to ignore all dimensions and to look at the measures across the whole table.


This allows us to filter for the most recent date in a column full of dates! Or to colour only the most recent date


As always hope that this helps!

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