Tips on taking the Alteryx Designer Core Certification exam

Kejsi Bebi

Despite feeling confident with your everyday use of Alteryx, taking the Core Designer exam is a great opportunity to prove your skills and learn more about the features that you might skip in your daily practice. Whether you are at the start of your Analytics journey or a seasoned professional, the following tips and tricks could be your guide to acing the actual exam!


Tips for before your exam:


  1. Find out what topics might come up and use the curriculum on Alteryx: Interface Elements, Basic workflow building concepts, Input Data, Browse, Select, Filter, Formula, Join, Summarize, Union, Output Data, Sort, Tool Container, Comment, Unique, Text Input, Cross Tab, Data Cleansing, Transpose, Append Fields and Text to Columns. If unsure, you could always redirect to the Alteryx Certification page.
  2. Attempt beginner weekly challenges and share results with others. Setting yourself a time limit to mimic exam conditions is a great way to manage time pressure on the actual exam.
  3. Use to your advantage the unlimited resources on the Alteryx Community.
  4. Review some of the Live Training options in the Alteryx Academy, particularly the Tips & Tricks ones. Stay attentive-they drop hints and useful pieces of information about the exam content.


Tips for during your the exam:

  1. The exam is 2 hours long with a total of 80 questions, all of which are multiple choice questions  (true/false or workflow-related questions). Questions are split as either 1 mark or 3 marks ones. Although you get partial points for the multiple response questions, it’s to your advantage to get all of the 3 mark questions right, otherwise, you can't afford to drop many points in the earlier questions and still reach the 80% pass mark.
  2. Read the question carefully first before deciding whether it is true or false but be careful not to overthink it.
  3. Stay attentive for “hidden hints” in the questions: sometimes they may be tricky, and need that element of extra attention to be answered correctly.
  4. Don’t be confused if the question indicates that there might be more than one correct alternative; often there is only one actual correct answer.
  5. Use that Search feature if you get stuck. This could actually be more time efficient than asking the Community during an exam.
  6. If you don’t know the answer to a question, do not spend more time on it than you should. You can always go back to it at the end of the exam if your time allows. Alteryx users share their experience continuously with one another and it’s always interesting to hear how everyone gives themselves room on getting a few of the multiple choice ones wrong.
  7. It’s an open-book exam, i.e. Google’s your friend.
  8. As cliche as it sounds, sitting down and unwinding actually helps-there will be no material on the test that isn't available to learn somewhere on the Community site or from the built-in help & example features of Alteryx itself!

Stay persistent and don’t let failure prevent you from retrying... either the same month (if this is not your third attempt at the exam) or the next one as long as you register by the end of the current month.The best thing you can do is to practice with the numerous opportunities available throughout the Academy section of the Community.

Once you get one step closer to your certification, remember how passing the exam isn't the end - it's just the beginning. You can continue your certification journey by becoming Advanced certified, share your knowledge with others on the Alteryx Community, or join a User Group.

P.S: Best of luck!


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