#DataDiscussions with Jeff PlattnerData Discussions with Jeff Plattner

In this week's #DataDiscussions we had the pleasure to host Jeff Plattner

Jeff is a data and analytics consultant with a passion for data visualization and Tableau and a former Tableau Public featured author.

You can find out more about Jeff by visiting his personal blog jeffsdatavizjourney.com where he frequently shares the learnings of his DataViz Journey.


Question 1 - If you could give one piece of advice to a new Tableau starter what would it be?

Jeff Plattner: My one piece of advice has two parts; create a Tableau Public account and a DataViz focused Twitter account. And then do two things, on Twitter, start by following all of the Tableau Zen Masters and Ambassadors and on Tableau Public share as much work as you can, while seeking feedback. The best way I've found to do this is through #MakeoverMonday, though several other similar projects are popping up.


Question 2 - If you could add a new feature to Tableau, what would it be?

Jeff Plattner:  I just recently accepted a role as a Data Visualization Consultant, specializing in Tableau. In previous roles, I used internal tools that had many, many shortcomings, so I am thankful every day to be fortunate enough to use Tableau in my work. So, for now I will gladly use the features that are available.


Question 3 - What’s the best data book you’ve read recently?

Jeff Plattner: My two favorite data books are "storytelling with data" and "The Big Book of Dashboards."


Question 4 - Favourite viz you have made?

Jeff Plattner: My favorite viz is the very first one I made, called Minnesota Basketball Recruits, because at the time I thought it was the coolest thing ever. And now, looking back at it, I can see just how far I've come!!


Question 5 - Do you have a data goal for this year?

Jeff Plattner: My data goals for 2018 were to a) start a data viz blog and add content regularly, no less than one post per month b) obtain a new role in data visualization c) become Tableau Certified d) improve and learn every week e) get more involved in the Tableau community and f) attend TC18 in New Orleans. Of those goals, I've started the blog, obtained a new role in data visualization, become a Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate, continue to improve and learn every week, trying to become more involved in the community and I'm slated to attend TC18 in October!! It's been a fantastic 2018 so far!!


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