#DataDiscussions with Zak GeisData Discussions with Zak Geis

In this week's #DataDiscussions we had the pleasure to host Zak Geis

Zak is a Tableau Desktop Certified Professional who works with the J.P. Morgan Chase Tableau Center of Excellence team.

Now, without further ado, let's dive into Zak's answers to our questions.


Question 1 - What is your job/role? How do you use Tableau as part of it?

Zak Geis: I am a lead on the J.P. Morgan Chase Tableau Center of Excellence team. As you can imagine, I use Tableau a lot every day. My responsibilities vary from Tableau training and establishing best practices to Tableau Server architecture and general user support. Ultimately, my team is tasked with making Tableau successful at the firm.   |


Question 2 - If you could give one piece of advice to a new Tableau starter what would it be?

Zak Geis:  One of my favorite things about Tableau is the community. Tableau Public is an amazing resource and a great part of it is the ability to download inspiring content. I would recommend that anyone interested in the tool spend some time on the site and then download workbooks that they like. Review and deconstruct them with Tableau Desktop and you'll be surprised by all the things you can learn! 


Question 3 - If you could add a new feature to Tableau, what would it be?

Zak Geis: I know this is a common request, but I would have to say the option of making sheet backgrounds transparent. This would just open so many great design options.


Question 4 - Best data book you have read recently?

Zak Geis: It's got to be the Big Book of Dashboards. This is the ultimate book for Tableau Developers looking to take the next step in clean, concise design. I recommend this one to pretty much everyone that has interest in BI.


Question 5 - Do you have a data goal for this year?

Zak Geis: My goal this year is a bit general, but it's to continue investing in public work. I've used Tableau for many years, but I've only started working with public content in recent months through Makeover Monday and other BI challenges. I've learned a lot along the way, so I look forward to continuing and taking in as much as I can.


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