Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant


So the 2017 Gartner BI Magic quadrant report is not yet out in full, but the top sheet image has, (the one that’s advertised the most), and it has had quite a change. First, let's look at the 2016 magic quadrant:

Here we can see that everyone is a little bunched up there are really four kinds of ‘clusters’ the first is the big one the Leaders with Tableau, Qlik and Microsoft occupying this spot representing the positions of excellence at the start of 2016. The big news of 2016 was the departure of oracle and the way that the top three were gaining ground on the old vendors.



And here is the 2017 view, here we can see the field dispersing somewhat, with some vendors falling back and others shifting slightly.


The big news here is that Microsoft and Tableau have really moved into high gear pulling away from Qlik.This could be representative of the increasing integration of PowerBI into the Microsoft ecosystem (365) and the general increasing of the PowerBI feature list over the year, probably contributing the most to their increasing completeness of vision (watch this space for our write up when we play with PowerBI)


Tableau has, of course, increased its completeness of vision with its new features and its compelling new features coming up in the next few months/years. But it's the increasing ability to execute, that excites me. Without reading the report itself we can of course only guess as to why this is the case but with the acquisition of hyper and the increasing enterprise friendliness of the software and the focus on building the platform for a ‘culture of analytics’ for the business has probably significantly contributed to their top position on ability to execute.


Finally, we have Qlik, with roughly the same position as last year it doesn't look good for Qlik. With little news from the company since its acquisition by a private equity firm in 2016 this feels like Gartner recognising that the core product is still a useful and widely used one, but if there is no movement this year in the product, it may be that we see Qlik move to the niche player or challenger position next year.


One last interesting note this year is the movement of Alteryx from visionary to the top left position of the niche player quadrant, this likely represents the fact that Alteryx is really an ETL tool rather than a complete BI package like Tableau, SAP, Microsoft, or Microstrategy. And feels like a better place for Alteryx to be and a more realistic representation of their location in the BI landscape, at least in my opinion.


So that's our first look at the quadrant and our very first thoughts on how this year is likely to shape up, we eagerly await the wider release of the report and how Gartner came to their conclusions. As always let us know what you think in the comments below.


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