Doughnut Charts

Creating a doughnut chart in tableau is a relatively simple process. and in this tutorial we’ll take you through a quick and simple way to build doughnut charts. This tutorial owes a lot to Andy Kriebel and his video and tutorial are well worth a look for another perspective on this topic.

Step 1:  

The basis of the doughnut chart is the pie chart, and so creating pie chart is our first step.

Here we have the profit over the region as a proportion of the whole, make sure that average number of records is on the columns shelf, and that if you have created the pie chart using tableau’s show me tool that you remove anything from the size shelf.  

Step 2: 

Create a second pie by dragging and dropping a second copy of the ‘average number of records’ onto the rows shelf and then make the chart dual axis. 

Step 3: 

Right click and edit one of the axis, and uncheck the include zero. Moving the Chart into the centre of the view

Make sure in this step to synchronise the axis 

Step 4: 

In one of the charts remove the pill from the colour shelf, then click on the colour shelf and change the colour to white.

Step 5: 

In the same card shrink the size a little leaving the doughnut ring. 

Step 6: 

Finally clean up the chart, removing axis and zero lines

Hope this tutorial has helped, as always we appreciate any feedback you might have!

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