Businesses generally understand potential that BI can bring to your company, but often don't know how to make it happen.  This is especially true of start-ups.  If you are in this situation, perhaps it's time to consider outsourcing your BI program. That's right. Outsource your BI.  BI outsourcing is different from the traditional IT outsourcing which focuses on standardization and economies of scale.  BI outsourcing is about avoiding failure and delivering value from BI investments.  Eliminate your upfront capital expenditures yet still reap the rewards.

Why Cloudstream?

We have well defined processes, specialized software, and highly experienced staff who can deliver positive results quickly. We can deliver even more value to your business as a result.

We can take care of everything for you. We offer fixed prices and flexible services for your data center hardware, system administration, backup, recovery and more. You can take advantage of cloud capabilities for most of your cloud demands related to BI systems. And with Tableau solutions on the platform hosted in our data centre, we will deliver highly available data. With Tableau, you can benefit from fast in-memory computing without the necessary hardware. This is a flexible, secure and cost-effective way to bring your data to life.


If you can't get traction for your BI program, and business executives are increasingly reluctant to fund new initiatives, you need to take drastic action. One option is to outsource your BI program to a highly experienced BI services provider who has an outstanding track record of success. With the right partner, you just might achieve the BI nirvana of which you've always dreamed.


"We are specialists that live and breathe BI on a daily basis and have a solid track record of delivering positive results. For us, BI is not an art, it's a science."

  • Qualified Tableau Associates

    Qualified Tableau Associates

  • Fuel your Tableau reports

    Fuel your Tableau reports

  • Deploy effective Tableau reports

    Effective Tableau reports

  • Dedicated support

    Dedicated support

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